Hi Guys:

Just a short report this time around. Having a few Medical problems related to 
my Diabetes, that has kept me from the dials. However, we did Log one NEW STN 
and it was also from VANCOUVER, bringing my Total Vancouver haul to 4 Stations 
in 2 Days!!

I'm getting a little behind on reviewing Captures due to the health issues…..so 
there may be a few more goodies sitting there to be reviewed!!


ANTENNA………………………WELLBROOK ALA-1530LNP Imperium Loop

AM LOG TOTALS are now……………..1919 Stations Heard.

73……..ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

690  CBU  Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA  Oct/10/16  0728 EDT     EE     FAIR
Sounded like a Radio Deutschewelle Pgm from 0728-0729 EDT. Musical Interlude @ 
0729 EDT.
ID as "I'm Jeff Cook??? and this is CBC Radio One".  
"And now it's time for CBC News" @ 0730 EDT. Into CBC News read by Female DJ @ 
0730-32 EDT.

NEW STN           (4th Vancouver Station heard in last 2 Mornings!)    50 kW
1160  KSL  Salt Lake City, UTAH  Oct/10/16   0730 EDT      EE    FAIR
In the Jumble at 0730 EDT. ID by Male DJ as "KSL News with Brian Martin on 
KSL-FM 102.7

RELOG                50 kW
1170  KOWZ  Waseca, MINNESOTA  Oct/11/16  0108 EDT     EEE   FAIR-GOOD
Over/Under WWVA - Wheeling, WVA. Quite strong at times!
Oldies Music @ 0108-11 EDT. Female DJ with ID as "106.3 FM - Classic Hits and 
1170 AM".
Neil Diamond with Crackling Rosie 0111-14. Beach Boys "409" @ 0114-17.  Same ID 
as above @ 0117.
Into more Oldies @ 0118.

Most likely on DAY POWER???  // t0 Live Webfeed

Thanks to Chuck Reh of Leamington, ON. for the Tip!!

RELOG                         2.5 kW/5 Watts

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