It was a DU morning here (LSR 1236 GMT).

612  unID (4QR?) weak het in KCSP & XEGS-610 slop at 1129; moderate het at 1222.
702 2BL moderate het in XEGD slop at 1220; barely audible man talking at 1236; 
poor with man & woman talking at 1240; barely audible at 1241; audio fading 
away at 1242; carrier audible until 1249.  (Audio was // internet with a 4 to 5 
second delay.)
774 unID (3LO?) trace of a signal at 1227.
891 unID (5AN?) moderate het in KTLR-890 slop.
1098 unID (V7AB?) strong het in WTAM-1100 sideband, fading away by after 1100.

Hearing a Sydney on an ULR at 13927 km/8654 miles made the morning worthwhile.  
Now it's time for a good cup of coffee!  Good DX everyone.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA,
PL-380 with 8-inch FSL.

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