<<< John told me DU reception was possible here, especially around the 
equinoxes. He mentioned 5AN-891 should be one of the easiest. >>> 

Yes, I remember a Grayland DXpedition with John Bryant back in the summer of 
2009, when he received 891-5AN on a barefoot Sony SRF-T615 while standing on 
the ocean beach. He told me that that single long-range reception was one of 
the most thrilling experiences that he had ever had in decades of DXing-- to 
receive a DU at 8,235 miles (13,252 km) on a radio the size of a cigarette 
lighter. So it's no wonder that he had an attachment to that particular 
Australian station, even if he may have never received it himself in Oklahoma 
because of 890-KTLR and WLS. 

73, Gary 

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