Hey Saul.  I’ve been using MacBooks of various vintages with Bootcamp and Win7 
to run Perseus software for years.  Works well.  I went this route because 
using Parellels, when I tried it many years ago, just couldn’t ‘emulate’ the 
USB port fast enough to ‘keep up’ with the Perseus.  There’s a good help 
section on-line and the Bootcamp software is good about talking you through 

Once thing you should keep in mind is that ‘newer’ MacBooks and MacOS will 
force you into using Win 10 — bad idea!  I’m not sure what Mac OS is the last 
one to run Win 7 but there MAY be ways to work around it if you have a newer 
OS.  Google is your friend.

Bill Whitacre
Alexandria, VA


On 11/30/2016 11:01 PM, Saul Chernos wrote:
> While on topic of SDRs, I want to get in the game for AM and FM. What's 
> holding me back is a decision about a computer. I want to dedicate a laptop 
> to this (so it can be used when I'm working, and also with a view to it being 
> an emergency backup for me at my Burnt River ON DX site in the event my work 
> computer ever has issues).
> I used to use a PC but switched to Mac (PacBook Pro) a few years ago and am 
> much happier with it. I hate to buy a PC at this juncture. So a few questions:
> 1) Is there anything really hot coming down the pipe in the next month or two 
> that I should wait for?
> 2) What am I best to get in way of an SDR that would work with Masc?
> 3) If Mac is less advisable, will said SDR work off Windows for Mac?
> Saul Chernos
> Burnt River ON
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