Another sunset skip session brought in almost any desired Kiwi station, with 
the low-powered signals on 549 (Trackside), 828 and 936 all making extended S9 
runs from 0900-1000. Tony Ward's 990-Fiji Gold was testing the crunch 
resistance of my Ultralight, while the Pacific Island DU's on 630, 846, 1017 
and 1098 all had S9 co-channels from A/NZ in their nulls. All the Magic 
stations on 702-738-891 were easy parallels, while the same was true of the NZB 
stations on 1008-1017-1026-1035-1044-1053. For some reason the Kiwi stations 
are kicking the Aussie stations all across the band, even after sunset in NZ is 
long over. There is zero propagation to Asia during this period-- a drastic 
change from December in Kona. Lots of overwhelming MP3 links to post, if only 
the ultra-slow Cook Island "Blue Sky" Internet  system would cooperate. The 
going joke among both Kiwi and Yankee tourists is that Aitutaki is the ideal 
place to reconnect with your partner-- since Facebook is so slow that n
 obody tries to use it as a substitute for real communication.

Gary DeBock (DXing in Aitutaki, Cook Islands)

7.5" loopstick CC Skywave SSB Ultralight

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