Hi Gary,

I guess Niue must have ditched their MW station some time ago, then! Niue
is 670 miles distant from Rarotonga and at the time I traveled there (1993)
I figured it would be an easy catch. The station was called Radio Sunshine
and it was on 594 kHz. Unfortunately I didn't hear any sign of them despite
checking every day and evening. BTW, I was staying on the west/southwest
side of the island and it would have been an all water path to Niue.

OK...I just did some checking on radioheritage.net, and evidently the Niue
MW outlet signed off for good in the early 1990s; they may have actually
been silent already in 1993 when I traveled to Rarotonga.

73, Guy

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 8:41 PM, Gary DeBock <d1028g...@comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi Guy,
> Yes, the propagation and weather have both been wild and wacky in Aitutaki
> so far.
> <<< BTW, have you logged Niue yet? I tried every day and evening to hear
> them
> but without success. >>>
> I didn't know Niue had any MW station (the WRTH only shows a single FM
> one). But if it does have anything on MW it should be a piece of cake from
> here.
> Gary
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