If you're happy with Google Earth, try these Mark (these are sites used in the last go round):

Rockwork 2:  45.7447 N / 123.9607 W
Rockwork 3:  45.7438 N / 123.9593 W
Rockwork 4:  45.7435 N / 123.9583 W
Rockwork 5:  45.7424 N / 123.9561 W
Rockwork 6:  45.7415 N / 123.9541 W

Not much to choose between them, easy walking distance, unlike the mountain top above, or the beach below.

best wishes,


At 05:17 2018-08-11, Mark Connelly via IRCA wrote:

Somebody needs to equate the various Rockworks sites with latitudes and longitudes.

A handheld GPS coupled with online mapping tools could sort that out in short order.

For instance, a couple of the noteworthy big-gun East Coast DXing sites are Granite Pier - Rockport, MA at 42.667 N / 70.621 W and Tonset Rd. - Orleans, MA at 41.8072 N / 69.9537 W.

Is anyone going to put some of the DXpedition's better Perseus files up on a cloud server?

Almost 10 years ago Guy Atkins was doing that kind of thing with his now-defunct "Five Below" webpage.

Seems that it would be even easier to find somewhere to park ~2 GB capture files now.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
South Yarmouth, MA


Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC
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