pnowojski commented on a change in pull request #9383: [FLINK-13248] [runtime] 
Adding processing of downstream messages in AsyncWaitOperator's wait loops

 File path: 
 @@ -232,6 +233,24 @@ public void setup(StreamTask<?, ?> containingTask, 
StreamConfig config, Output<S
                stateKeySelector2 = config.getStatePartitioner(1, 
+       /**
+        * Allows downstream operators in the operator chain to process of 
+        * <p>This method should be called whenever an operator would need to 
block the task thread to wait for output
+        * buffers to flush.</p>
+        * <p>If such an operator would indeed block the task thread, deadlocks 
can arise when two such operators are
+        * chained.</p>
+        * <p>It's up to the implementor of the operator to find a good 
trade-off, between yielding and own processing.
+        * If the operator never blocks the task thread during input 
processing, this method should not be called at
+        * all.</p>
+        * <p>This method indicates whether downstream events actually have 
been processed, which can be used to issue
+        * further invocations.</p>
+        *
+        * @return true if any downstream event has been handled.
+        */
+       protected boolean yieldToDownstream() {
+               throw new NotImplementedException("API draft");
 Review comment:
   I'm just not sure how to expose it to the users.
   Instead of `AbstractStreamOperator#yield()` we could have 
`StreamOperator#yield()`, or `StreamTask#yield()`. For the last one, 
`StreamTask` is accessible via `SetupableStreamOperator#setup()` and 
`StreamOperatorFactory#createStreamOperator()` methods.

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