pnowojski commented on a change in pull request #9383: [FLINK-13248] [runtime] 
Adding processing of downstream messages in AsyncWaitOperator's wait loops

 File path: 
 @@ -387,35 +365,19 @@ private void stopResources(boolean waitForShutdown) 
throws InterruptedException
         * Add the given stream element queue entry to the operator's stream 
element queue. This
         * operation blocks until the element has been added.
-        * <p>For that it tries to put the element into the queue and if not 
successful then it waits on
-        * the checkpointing lock. The checkpointing lock is also used by the 
{@link Emitter} to output
-        * elements. The emitter is also responsible for notifying this method 
if the queue has capacity
-        * left again, by calling notifyAll on the checkpointing lock.
-        *
         * @param streamElementQueueEntry to add to the operator's queue
         * @param <T> Type of the stream element queue entry's result
         * @throws InterruptedException if the current thread has been 
        private <T> void addAsyncBufferEntry(StreamElementQueueEntry<T> 
streamElementQueueEntry) throws InterruptedException {
-               assert(Thread.holdsLock(checkpointingLock));
-               pendingStreamElementQueueEntry = streamElementQueueEntry;
                while (!queue.tryPut(streamElementQueueEntry)) {
-                       // we wait for the emitter to notify us if the queue 
has space left again
-                       checkpointingLock.wait();
+                       yieldToDownstream();
-               pendingStreamElementQueueEntry = null;
-       private void waitInFlightInputsFinished() throws InterruptedException {
-               assert(Thread.holdsLock(checkpointingLock));
+       private void waitInFlightInputsFinished() {
                while (!queue.isEmpty()) {
-                       // wait for the emitter thread to output the remaining 
-                       // for that he needs the checkpointing lock and thus we 
have to free it
-                       checkpointingLock.wait();
+                       yieldToDownstream();
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   Aren't we busy waiting here?

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