pnowojski commented on a change in pull request #9383: [FLINK-13248] [runtime] 
Adding processing of downstream messages in AsyncWaitOperator's wait loops

 File path: 
 @@ -1194,6 +1197,37 @@ public ExecutionConfig getExecutionConfig() {
                return returnStream;
+       /**
+        * Method for passing user defined operators along with the type 
information that will transform the DataStream.
+        *
+        * @param operatorName name of the operator, for logging purposes
+        * @param outTypeInfo the output type of the operator
+        * @param operatorFactory the factory for the operator.
+        * @param <R> type of the return stream
+        * @return the data stream constructed
+        */
+       @PublicEvolving
+       public <R> SingleOutputStreamOperator<R> transform(String operatorName, 
TypeInformation<R> outTypeInfo,
+                       OneInputStreamOperatorFactory<T, R> operatorFactory) {
 Review comment:
   It makes it less convenient for power users, but it's necessary for cleaner 
API and runtime code. I would mark as deprecated, because I would like to have 
at least flink built-in operators to move away from this old API in favour of 
`StreamOperatorFactory` as soon as possible.
   But ultimately we can merge it with or without `@Deprecated` note and 
question would be more towards the @aljoscha what does he prefer.

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