uce opened a new pull request #127:
URL: https://github.com/apache/flink-statefun/pull/127

   Really helpful documentation! Yesterday, I read over most of the docs and 
found a few typos, including some typos in code. Feel free to push back on any 
of the changes that seem unnecessary to you.
   A few nit comments:
   * In the [project 
 page, we state that ``mvn clean package`` produces an uber JAR which is not 
true. Is the intention to provide a Maven configuration that does create an 
uber JAR or are the docs mistaken?
   * In the [Python 
 we first write a function without a known type and then show how to specify a 
type. I'm wondering we should only show the known type example and keep it as a 
note that it's also possible to the use the `Any` type.
   * Is RocksDB a strict requirement or can users configure any state backend? 
If RocksDB is a requirement, we could consider pointing this out in 
 (last sentence).
   * In the Java SDK, we mix tab and space for code formatting. I think spaces 
are easier to read in the docs (I understand that the code should follow the 
apache/flink style guide).
   * In the [Java SDK async requests 
 we could use a stateful match function to reduce some of the boilerplate.
   * Overall, message routing still felt a bit mysterious after reading over 
the docs. I don't know if others agree, but we might want to add more details 
on this part of the system.

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