dsmiley commented on a change in pull request #1310: SOLR-13350: Multithreaded 
search using collector managers
URL: https://github.com/apache/lucene-solr/pull/1310#discussion_r397855612

 File path: solr/core/src/java/org/apache/solr/search/SolrIndexSearcher.java
 @@ -1643,6 +1660,83 @@ public ScoreMode scoreMode() {
     qr.setDocList(new DocSlice(0, sliceLen, ids, scores, totalHits, maxScore));
+  CollectorManagerResult searchCollectorManagers(int len, QueryCommand cmd, 
Query query,
+      boolean needTopDocs, boolean needMaxScore, boolean needDocSet) throws 
IOException {
+    CollectorManager<MultiCollector, CollectorManagerResult> manager = new 
CollectorManager<MultiCollector, CollectorManagerResult>() {
+      @Override
+      public MultiCollector newCollector() throws IOException {
+        // nocommit: Here, creating a MultiCollector for every segment 
(correctness > speed).
+        // Need to explore sharing a single MultiCollector with every segment. 
Are these
+        // sub-collectors thread-safe? DocSetCollector seems like not 
thread-safe, does someone know?
+        Collection<Collector> collectors = new ArrayList<Collector>();
+        if (needTopDocs) collectors.add(buildTopDocsCollector(len, cmd));
+        if (needMaxScore) collectors.add(new MaxScoreCollector());
+        if (needDocSet) collectors.add(new DocSetCollector(maxDoc()));
+        return (MultiCollector) MultiCollector.wrap(collectors);
+      }
+      @Override
+      public CollectorManagerResult reduce(Collection<MultiCollector> 
multiCollectors) throws IOException {
+        final TopDocs[] topDocs = new TopDocs[multiCollectors.size()];
+        float maxScore = 0.0f;
+        DocSet docSet = new BitDocSet(new FixedBitSet(maxDoc())); // TODO: if 
docset is not needed, avoid this initialization
 Review comment:
   I disagree that we even need this.  Init to null.  Instead of calling union, 
if null just set it.

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