On 4/10/18, Antonio Scuri <antonio.sc...@gmail.com> wrote:
>   Hi Eric,
>   If you take a look at the HIDEMARK documentation or at the source code,
> you will see that its default is changed to YES according to the GTK
> version. So for GTK > 2.14 the default is YES.
>   I checked with GTK 3.14, 3.10 and 2.24. In all systems, the checkmark is
> not there. So you actually don't need to set it.
>   If you are seen them, then there is a bug somewhere. Can you check your
> GTK version?
>   I used the test code in iup/html/examples/tests/menu.c
> Best,
> Scuri

Hmmm, weird.
All my menu items seem to be NO. Here is my screenshot.
The libgtk-3.0 package version says 3.22.11-1+rpi3 (it's in the
bottom-left window of the screenshot).

Also, I was a bit confused by the documentation online. I interpreted
it to as the default is NO, except maybe for GTK 2.14.

HIDEMARK [Motif and GTK Only]: If enabled the item cannot be checked,
since the check box will not be shown. If all items in a menu enable
it, then no empty space will be shown in front of the items. Normally
the unmarked check box will not be shown, but since GTK 2.14 the
unmarked check box is always shown. If your item will not be marked
you must set HIDEMARK=YES, since this is the most common case we
changed the default value to YES for this version of GTK, but if VALUE
is defined the default goes back to NO. Default: NO. (since 3.0)


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