On 2016-04-14, 06:27 GMT, Adrian Reber wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 09:19:45AM -0700, John Oliver wrote:
>> 1) Is this project the 'jabberd' that's available in EPEL?
> I can answer that one. jabberd in EPEL is jabberd2. As it is EPEL it
> will not see as many updates as the upstream package

I agree that I would keep EPEL-6 (or even EPEL-5) untouched just 
with possible security patches, but it seems to me that rebase 
in EPEL-7 would not be the worst idea. What do you think? I am 
willing to help with patching.

Do we know what is the upgrade story? Does the latest jabberd2 
just takes over the original configuration?



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