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> Jan,
> I need some information for running jailhouse on x86.
> I was able to create rootcell and non rootcell but not able see any
> console logs after creating non rootcell. I want to know whether
> Jailhouse will support displaying logs on serial console for x86.
> Regards, Anil

On x86 your serial consoles are PIO-based. In qemu the two standard
serial ports exist, so you always have one for the hypervisor and one
for a cell. Real hardware usually does not have two UARTS, often you
are lucky if you get one.

There is "jailhouse console" to get access to the hypervisor console.
If you have at least one UART you can share that between your cells,
you might have to allow that cell to access the ports via the
pio_bitmap in the config. And when you load the cell you might have to
pass arguments to change the default. (look for con-base in

If your machine does not have a UART it might be a good idea to add a
serial-PCI card.


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