On 2018-04-16 20:35, Giovani Gracioli wrote:
> I added .vpci_irq_base = 136-32 to the bare-metal cell config (.cell) and now 
> I can see the interrupts generated by uio_send through the output of cat 
> /proc/interrupts:
>            CPU0       CPU1       CPU2
>  38:         38          0          0     GICv2 136 Edge      uio_ivshmem, 
> uio_ivshmem
> When uio_send writes, the interrupt handler of the uio driver is called twice 
> per write (why??).

Well, Linux says that the line is shared by two uio devices, see above.
So both instances will be called on each arriving interrupt.

> .vpci_irq_base = 136-32 has the same value as defined in the root-cell. 
> I added some prints to the 
> hypervisor/arch/arm-common/ivshmem.c:arch_ivshmem_trigger_interrupt and 
> hypervisor/arch/arm-common/irqchip.c as described in another thread 
> (https://www.mail-archive.com/jailhouse-dev@googlegroups.com/msg02605.html), 
> but I can't see any output.
> So, something is still not well configured.

You can start such trace in hypervisor/ivshmem.c, ivshmem_register_mmio,

> The bare-metal inmate outputs the following when it starts:
> IVSHMEM: Found 1af4:1110 at 00:00.0
> IVSHMEM ERROR: device is not MSI-X capable
> IVSHMEM: shmem is at 0x0000000800400000, shmemsz is 0x0000000000100000
> IVSHMEM: bar0 is at 0x00000000fc100000
> IVSHMEM: mapped shmem and bars, got position 0x0000000000000001 - bdf = 0
> IVSHMEM: memcpy(0x0000000800400000, Hello from bare-metal ivshmem-demo 
> inmate!!!  , 64)
> IVSHMEM: 0x0000000800400000:Hello from bare-metal ivshmem-demo inmate!!!  
> IVSHMEM: Enabled IRQ:0x88
> IVSHMEM: Enabling IVSHMEM_IRQs registers = 0x00000000fc100000
> IVSHMEM: Done setting up...
> IVSHMEM: Hello from bare-metal ivshmem-demo inmate!!!  
> IVSHMEM: sending interrupt.
> IVSHMEM: sending IRQ - addr = 0x00000000fc10000c
> IVSHMEM: waiting for interrupt.
> I'm not sure about the IVSHMEM_IRQ number, that's why I inserted the prints.

The IRQ number is basically a free but GIC-wise supported SPI.

> Is there any other parameter that must be add to the bare-metal cell to allow 
> it to handle ivshmem interrupts?

Did you cell enable INTx delivery? See the check in
arch_ivshmem_update_intx, and update the INTX_CTRL register if that is


> Giovani
>> Both values aren't evaluated by the current Jailhouse implementation
>> (see hypervisor/ivshmem.c, ivshmem_register_mmio, IVSHMEM_REG_DBELL
>> handling). There is only one vector per device (currently), and that is
>> send to the SPI configured in the peer cell's config.
>> Maybe there is a mismatch in what is configured and what the device tree
>> of that cell tells the Linux guest.
>> Jan

Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, CT RDA IOT SES-DE
Corporate Competence Center Embedded Linux

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