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> Hi all.
> As I can understand. All Queries (or most of them?) are single-field
> oriented. They may implement different search/score logic, but they are
> intended for a single field. For example, simple TermQuery or PhraseQuery.
> If I need to implement the search through different fields I should use
> BooleanQuery to combine several single-field queries.
> Did I understand that right?


> What is an appropriate way to implement a document-wise Query?
> 1. DisjunctionScorer.getChildren() painful doc-at-time handling
2. there is a quite promising idea is to amend buffer in term-at-time
BooleanScorer to track every doc-term hit.
3. probably it can be done by copying all terms into single field, but
storing original field in payloads, but it's reaalllly slooooww

> I need to have the ability to combine fields matching of one document and
> analyze it. Particularly - to count whether all query terms are matched (to
> one field or to different fields). I need to be able to fetch corresponding
> information: what terms are matched to what fields and so on.
> It seems, that BooleanQuery/BooleanScorer is not a good place to accumulate
> some information from a child Queries/Scorers.

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