Hi Adrian-all,
Thank you very much for welcoming me to the list, and even more, for your
very intuitive suggestions, which I will try later, and report back. The
problem is that when I want to insert a footnote, contrl'alt'f, jaws in
crushing, and I really donàt know if this is something that happens to me,
or itàs a known bug-something. I even related it to the problem I have with
Handytechàs software related to file transferring and using a very useful
item on my display, ATC cursor, by which the Braille display scrolls
automatically to the next 40 characters, once it perceives your finger to be
at the end. Ever since upgrading to win10, if jaws is working, the htcom
software is not working, and I have to ask sighted colleagues or my brother
do file transfers for me, as the software is proprietary. My tech
specialist, who represents both FS and Handytech here in Greece, has
contacted the latter several times, and from what he tells, it appears that
I am one of some 10 computer users in the whole planet that I have this,
with no solution being advanced. I did not mean to take this issue to our
group, since I feel itàs more to do with handytech, however, as the two
issues might be related with regard to jaws crushing, I brought this forward
too. Anyway, I shall let you know.
                        K       indest Regards from Euboea,

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Hi, Takis, and let me join in welcoming you to the list.

I'm not sure these three ideas will help, and they won't solve all the
problems you're experiencing, but I don't find them in either your query or
Steve's suggestion. I can't be sure which, if any, will apply to Word 2007,
but I think they do.

To read a footnote, place focus at that footnote and press shift-alt-e. 

To exit a footnote and return to text, press the pass-through key combo
(JAWS key+3 on the number row above the letters), then shift-alt-c. 

To review footnotes already inserted into a document, press Insert+Z to turn
quick keys on. Then press o to move through the footnotes document.

By the way, be sure to check the options in the JAWS key+v JAWS quick

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Greetings to all,

I face a lot of dicciulty recently, when I work on a document, (writing it
or reading it in Braille) when I want to insert a footnote. Using Windows 10
creator, Jaws 18, Word 2007 and an Active Braille display. In the past I was
able to create a footnote by using contrl-alt-f. The note would appear and I
could type my text viewing it. When I was done, by arroing once to the
right, I was able to go back to my document, see the note's number and
continue typing my document. When reading notes, I always used to hit a
cursor routing button just above the number, and a sort of preview would and
still appears, which permitted me to read most of the notes, but if these
were too long, I could use alt-v, f and land on that note which I could read
in its entirety. By toggling the same command, I was back on my reading
document. This is no longer feasible. I have jaws set to read the entire
note, which it does orally, but I really want to follow it in Braille, since
these include a lot of bibliographical data in various languages, (I have
installed six vocaliser voices), and Mr. jaws does not always get the
language right. I mentioned this problem of mine to another list I
participate, and a fellow member sent a reply, which unfortunately, did not
work, and which I will paste at the end of this message.

Now, I must say that when I type alt-contrl-f to get to a footnote, jaws is
crushing which means I can only type blindly, as no Braille appears either,
and I have to restore it with the known shortcut alt-f-j. It lands on jaws
menus and by escape I am back on desktop and I need to alt-tab to get to the
note. At that time I can see the note's text with highlighting, but arrowing
to the right will not automatically do something, unless I do a contr-home
for the beginning of document, and a contrl-end to get back to where I was,
in which case it may eventually work. I am pasting the kind reply I got
which proved vain, so, if anyone has had a similar problem or knows for a
better solution, I would be most grateful to hear from you.

                                                K             indest



Hi Takis,


I've got Word 2016 and Windows 7 so I don't know if the following will help
at all, but it gives you some things you can try!


The way footnotes appear depend on which view I use. In Print view I can
press Alt + Ctrl + F to start a footnote. From within the footnote, I can
press the applications key or Shift + F10 and choose Go To Footnote to
return to the document text. The footnote pane appears at the bottom of each
page, and JAWS indicates this when I read with DownArrow or Say All,
although in neither case does it actually read the footnotes unless I
navigate by word while focus is in the footnote pane.


In Draft view I press Alt + Ctrl + F to start a footnote, as before, but
then I use F6 to return to the document text. Once there is at least one
footnote, I can press Shift + F6 to move to the footnote pane at any time,
and F6 to return to the document.


JAWS should announce which view is in effect. I can press Alt + Ctrl + P to
force print view, and Alt + Ctrl + N to force Draft view, which used to be
called Normal view.


Does that get you any further?



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