Command to activate touch cursor is shift key plus  number pad plus.  To get
out of touch mode and return key to PC cursor mode, press number pad plus
Number pad plus is also PC cursor on my laptop.

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Hello all. I'm a recent Window-eyes migrant and am having conceptual trouble
understanding and using the touch cursor. When I invoke it in the Media
Human application, I can use tab and shift-tab to navigate among screen
elements that are unspoken with both the Jaws and PC cursors. But once I
locate the desired element, I can't activate it. 
Must I route the Jaws cursor to the touch cursor position and press the left
mouse button in order to activate the element, or can the activation be
performed exclusively with the touch cursor?
More profoundly, is the touch cursor only useful to access elements that are
inaccessible with the other cursors, but not to activate elements? I realize
that the touch cursor was primarily intended for tablet use, but I'm
attempting to use it on my desktop and laptop. If there are any useful touch
cursor tutorials, I'm happy to digest them.

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