I'm not sure if it's by luck, or outlook 2016, or the jaws version I'm using 
which is 17.  Heck, I just don't know.  In any event, those using outlook 2016, 
since that's the version I'm using, could someone (and you can use my email 
here to test it if you'd like) evoke the keystroke insert shift r to see if the 
reply directly to sender works for them?
I don't think this mailing list replies directly to the member when replying 
like other lists but I do remember the above keystroke not working in the past, 
and again, I'm not sure if it's jaws 17, or outlook 2016.  If it is outlook 
2016, awesome as smile that keystroke never worked for me in previous versions 
which got me in trouble quite a bit.
I bring this up as I was talking to a buddy about this and how I can reply 
directly to a sender without opening up notepad, coppying, pasting etc. I just 
went to five different emails on different mailing lists and insert shift r 
indeed replied directly to sender, which rocks.


Kimsan Song

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