>I'm not sure...The problem with Versioning and Remoting is that a proxy
object is required.  You have to return a different object than the one
actually constructed.  
>You getting me?  I'm not sure if this can be done within bytecode
manipulation.  I'll have to ask the Javassist guys.

Why?  Basically in rmeoting, you would just dispatch each method
invocation across the wire and the local object would just serve as a
phantom object and not actually contain any state, etc.  Why does it has
to be a real proxy...? Maybe I'm not following.

That way, I could new an object, which is actually a local
representation of a remoted object on another machine.  I could also add
a clustered intercetor which might then load balance invocations across
to different real remote objects.  I think this is possible.  Right?  

Another thing to think about ... After looking at the javassist docs
last night is something like using casting to dynamically add
interceptors.  This might be bad, haven't thought through all the
implications ... But, imagine:

Foo foo = new Foo (); // local object


What if the mere casting of an object would allow you to dynamically
attach an interceptor to the object before the invocation?  This might
be fairly powerful too. Looking at the javassist docs, it looks like you
can get called on a Cast and InstanceOf call to an object. Maybe I'm
being too whacky here ... Not sure.  Something to ponder.


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