Prompted by a customer, I did some experiments with hsqldb options.

Currently we specify a tcp port and require a hsqldb mbean to start the
hsqldb server.  This opens a port and requires explicit hsqldb shutdown.

Two other options that appear to work are:

specify url jdbc:hsqldb:. and remove the hsqldb mbean.  This results in a
totally in memory db, nothing saved to disk.  IMO this is appropriate for
most of the testsuite since it eliminates problems with data not being
cleaned  up between test runs.

specify url jdbc:hsqldb:somefile and remove the hsqldb mbean.  This results
in the db saved in a couple of files named like somefile.  No port is
opened.  No explicit shutdown of hsqldb  seems to be required (although I
didn't test how much data is actually saved)

Could someone who knows more about hsqldb  please explain clearly why we
would want to continue using the setup we  have now rather than one of the
tcp-port free options?

david jencks

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