lördagen den 29 mars 2003 kl 18.54 skrev Sacha Labourey:

Well, for quick prototyping it is nice to use the persistent version which
allows to use JBossMQ for example and restart JBoss without loosing
persistent messages.

Yes when You want to prototype a remote DB for some reason, the legacy start of a org.hsqldb.Server is quick. For running testsuites or using a "sql-cashe" the recommended way is to start the Hypesonic mbean with the "Persist = false" flag, that will yield a non-network hsqldb instance. That is about 300% faster then a legacy networked instance.

Read the Change note  [ 636781 ] hsqldb configuration v 1.7.1 here :
http://sourceforge.net/tracker/ index.php?func=detail&aid=636781&group_id=22866&atid=381174

Many moons ago Richard punched out a sample mbean for a thirdparty lib - that has resulted in the hsqldb legacy mbean with funky lingering threads holding on to sockets ...

Other then that the Hypersonic mbean also let us use the Hypersonic DatabaseManager in a easy fashion - needed when running as "Persist = false" since that instance is not visible outside of the VM.

The natural way is for the hsqldb team to make a JMX distro - and I understand they are working on the DatabaseManager to become a jmx component - discussion here :
Also it has been expressed, some directions toward a JMX HSQLDB, for us and others to use.


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