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> Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 10:55 AM
> Subject: [JBoss-dev] hsqldb options
> Prompted by a customer, I did some experiments with hsqldb options.
> Currently we specify a tcp port and require a hsqldb mbean to start the
> hsqldb server.  This opens a port and requires explicit hsqldb shutdown.
> Two other options that appear to work are:
> specify url jdbc:hsqldb:. and remove the hsqldb mbean.  This results in a
> totally in memory db, nothing saved to disk.  IMO this is appropriate for
> most of the testsuite since it eliminates problems with data not being
> cleaned  up between test runs.
> specify url jdbc:hsqldb:somefile and remove the hsqldb mbean.
> This results
> in the db saved in a couple of files named like somefile.  No port is
> opened.  No explicit shutdown of hsqldb  seems to be required (although I
> didn't test how much data is actually saved)
> Could someone who knows more about hsqldb  please explain clearly why we
> would want to continue using the setup we  have now rather than one of the
> tcp-port free options?

Man, if only hsqldb was transactional.  We should recruit them to become a
JBoss project and put keen transactional minds like David Jencks on the
subject.  A fully transactional in-memory DBMS would kick the crap out of
everybody in benchmarking.  I'm surprise Oracle 9iAS doesn't run in-process
with the Oracle DBMS already....


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