Same exception here: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Refusing to 
marshal io.jenkins.jenkinsfile.runner.SetJenkinsfileLocation for security 

I created an issue with full stacktrace 
Jesse or Oleg, maybe you could elaborate there how we could fix this.
Which Jar needs the manifest, which library needs to be whitelisted and how 
can we achieve this?


Am Donnerstag, 1. März 2018 20:23:15 UTC+1 schrieb Kohsuke Kawaguchi:
> Jenkinsfile Runner is an experiment to package Jenkins pipeline execution 
> as a command line tool. The intend use cases include:
>    - Use Jenkins in Function-as-a-Service context
>    - Assist editing Jenkinsfile locally
>    - Integration test shared libraries
> Over the past year, I've done some deep-dive 1:1 conversations with some 
> Jenkins users and I felt something like this might move the needle for them 
> in an important way.
> I'd love to hear any reactions on your side. Could something like this be 
> important for you, does it miss any key points for you? If you mentally 
> picture a perfect version of this, what would that do, and how would you 
> use?
> Let me know!
> -- 
> Kohsuke Kawaguchi

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