On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 4:23 PM, Kohsuke Kawaguchi <k...@kohsuke.org> wrote:
> I have another idea. Instead of
> running Jenkinsfile in this CLI and try to emulate your Jenkins instance as
> closely as possible (in terms of configuration), we could just run
> Jenkinsfile in the current Jenkins, in a place that nobody else can see.

In principle this is possible, by defining a new implementation of
`FlowExecutionOwner` that is not based on a `Run`. We have in the past
discussed the possibility of a Pipeline equivalent to the `/script`

I doubt this would be a very satisfactory solution to the use case at
hand, though. Any step which required a `Run` context (either
mandatory, as in `StepDescriptor.getRequiredContext`, or optionally,
by checking for null from `StepContext.get(Run.class)`) would either
fail or behave in some reduced capacity. If you took care to only
write `Jenkinsfile`s that just used `node` and `sh` and the like and
none of these features, then fine. But a lot of common functionality
does assume it has a `Run` context: anything that looks up
folder-scoped environment variables or credentials; `junit`,
`milestone`, `lock`, `stash`; everything based on `SimpleBuildStep` or
`SimpleBuildWrapper`…a lot. You could create a temporary `WorkflowJob`
in the same folder and hack around with access control so that it is
only visible to the invoking user, which would let most of these
things work (probably with some specialized support for branch
projects), but this seems like it is asking for trouble.

I think it would be far more practical to work with the existing
Replay feature, which was designed for precisely this use case. If the
main objection to using Replay is that you do not want these
experimental builds to “pollute” the general build history, then we
can do some minor UI work (for example in Blue Ocean) to hide these
build records by default. There is already a plan to do something very
similar for restarted stages (JENKINS-48643). We could even stream the
build log to the CLI command (JENKINS-33438) and then add an option to
delete the build as soon as it completes—a very simple and safe

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