Hello!  I need to be able to bump version numbers between two different
jobs, meaning that if job A runs, it should have a build number higher that
job B, and if job B runs, it should have a build # higher than job A . . .
 for example, job A may run 10 ten times and have a build number of 10.
Then job B will run and needs a build # of 11.  Job A wight run after than
and needs a build # of 12.

Anyone know how to do this?  I *think* I need this because I am going to
have parallel tracks in my SDLC:  my usual develop -> master and a new
hotfix -> master SDLC being build by a separate job.  Do I need this?  Any
better ideas out there?  This seems like a common enough problem that it's
already been solved six ways to sunday . . .

Thanks a lot,

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