I've touched on this stuff in a previous thread where I thought it was 
about running on Windows, in turns out it's the same for any slave

So I'm starting a new thread now I'm clearer what the issue is

I have code that basically works like this

node('master') {  // Master is running Linus
platform_builders ["Mac"] = {
    node ("XCode")
platform_builders ["Windows"] = { 
    node ("VS2013")

So, pretty standard.

Now what I don't understand is what I get when I try to access files.

In SET_STUFF_UP jenkins Buildsteps that access files (checkouts, DeleteDir, 
etc) operate on the master (as expected) and Groovy's standard file 
handling classes (File, FileNameFinder etc) also act on the master... so 
that's all fine

but in BUILD_STUFF_IN_OSX and BUILD_STUFF_IN_WINDOWS buildsteps operate on 
files on the slaves (as expected) while Groovy standard classes operate on 
the master.

1) Is this expected? The documentation says that File operates on "the 
current machine", which I took to mean the one actually running the code at 
that moment, which is the slave. But that isn't hwat is happening

2) How do I get around it? Buildsteps just don't provide the functionality 
I need, and doing stuff in shell scripts and batch files (which works as 
expected) is really clunky.


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