We got an 30 minute free CloudBees support. It was too short to dig deeper 
to find the problem, but the person I was talking to (after examining our 
logs) mentioned what he thought was the problem and gave a suggestion.

We should not use Jenkins master at all for builds (allocated with the 
node("master") step). We had 15 Executors for Jenkins master.

We could also try to Increase limits of hard nofile and nproc for jenkins 
user, but the main recomondation was to remove all Executors for Jenkins 
> /etc/security/limits.conf
jenkins          soft    core            unlimited 
jenkins          hard    core            unlimited 
jenkins          soft    fsize           unlimited 
jenkins          hard    fsize           unlimited 
jenkins          soft    nofile          4096 
jenkins          hard    nofile          10240 #Was 8192
jenkins          soft    nproc           30654 
jenkins          hard    nproc           60654 #Was 30654

To remove Jenkins master Executors will take some time. We use Jenkins 
master when we publish our build artifacts RPMs to our NFS file storage. 
Since our RPM NFS is only attached to the Jenkins master it is not possible 
at the moment. Unless we can use any other agent, then do a SCP onto our 
Jenkins master with the RPM artifacts.

We had a few other circumstances where we used Jenkins master. Like 
checking out a file to determine which build agent to actually use. These I 
have already changed to use any available build agent instead.

tirsdag 6. august 2019 09.48.50 UTC+2 skrev Sverre Moe følgende:
> Sadly I was mistaken. We do not use NFS for JENKINS_HOME.
> We do however use NFS for the location where builds copy the RPM build 
> artifacts.
> mandag 5. august 2019 22.17.46 UTC+2 skrev Ivan Fernandez Calvo følgende:
>> Hi, 
>> Severe has another email thread open, I think it is the same Jenkins 
>> instance 
>> https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/jenkinsci-users/cc2d0bdb-b15f-4bec-a0a3-0562ea8c7df7%40googlegroups.com?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer.
>> I dunno what happens on your instance but probably it isn’t better that you 
>> open another email thread with the description of your issue

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