I have reached 
section of this guide, but I am having an issue with the UI, in that i have 
this, https://imgur.com/EPTdS8S

Where as in the guide, point 11. advises to click on `Advanced` again and 
set the Task Role ARN field?

I am running Jenkins ver. 2.176.2 <https://jenkins.io/>

These are the current pluggins that I have installed:

JavaScript GUI Lib: jQuery bundles (jQuery and jQuery UI) plugin 
(jquery-detached): 1.2.1
Gradle Plugin (gradle): 1.33
Folders Plugin (cloudbees-folder): 6.9
Workspace Cleanup Plugin (ws-cleanup): 0.37
Durable Task Plugin (durable-task): 1.30
Plain Credentials Plugin (plain-credentials): 1.5
Pipeline: Stage View Plugin (pipeline-stage-view): 2.12
Slack Upload Plugin (slack-uploader): 1.7
EC2 Fleet Jenkins Plugin (ec2-fleet): 1.10.2
GitHub plugin (github): 1.29.4
bouncycastle API Plugin (bouncycastle-api): 2.17
Pipeline: Job (workflow-job): 2.33
Pipeline: Model API (pipeline-model-api): 1.3.9
Pipeline: Step API (workflow-step-api): 2.20
Timestamper (timestamper): 1.10
Nested View Plugin (nested-view): 1.17
MapDB API Plugin (mapdb-api):
Pipeline (workflow-aggregator): 2.6
LDAP Plugin (ldap): 1.20
Pipeline: Declarative Agent API (pipeline-model-declarative-agent): 1.1.1
Docker Commons Plugin (docker-commons): 1.15
Authentication Tokens API Plugin (authentication-tokens): 1.3
Pipeline: Declarative Extension Points API (pipeline-model-extensions): 1.3.9
Pipeline: Stage Tags Metadata (pipeline-stage-tags-metadata): 1.3.9
Pipeline: Multibranch (workflow-multibranch): 2.21
Amazon Web Services SDK (aws-java-sdk): 1.11.594
Apache HttpComponents Client 4.x API Plugin 
(apache-httpcomponents-client-4-api): 4.5.5-3.0
SSH Credentials Plugin (ssh-credentials): 1.17.1
Matrix Project Plugin (matrix-project): 1.14
SSH Slaves plugin (ssh-slaves): 1.30.1
Variant Plugin (variant): 1.3
Sidebar Link (sidebar-link): 1.11.0
Lockable Resources plugin (lockable-resources): 2.5
Pipeline: Supporting APIs (workflow-support): 3.3
Branch API Plugin (branch-api): 2.5.4
Display URL API (display-url-api): 2.3.2
PAM Authentication plugin (pam-auth): 1.5.1
JavaScript GUI Lib: Moment.js bundle plugin (momentjs): 1.1.1
JavaScript GUI Lib: ACE Editor bundle plugin (ace-editor): 1.1
Pipeline: Nodes and Processes (workflow-durable-task-step): 2.33
Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries (workflow-cps-global-lib): 2.15
Subversion Plug-in (subversion): 2.12.2
Pipeline: Stage Step (pipeline-stage-step): 2.3
Token Macro Plugin (token-macro): 2.8
Docker Pipeline (docker-workflow): 1.19
Git client plugin (git-client): 2.8.0
GIT server Plugin (git-server): 1.8
JSch dependency plugin (jsch):
Structs Plugin (structs): 1.20
Pipeline: REST API Plugin (pipeline-rest-api): 2.12
Git plugin (git): 3.12.0
Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin (matrix-auth): 2.4.2
Node Iterator API Plugin (node-iterator-api): 1.5.0
Build Timeout (build-timeout): 1.19
JavaScript GUI Lib: Handlebars bundle plugin (handlebars): 1.1.1
OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin (antisamy-markup-formatter): 1.5
Oracle Java SE Development Kit Installer Plugin (jdk-tool): 1.3
Pipeline: SCM Step (workflow-scm-step): 2.9
Pipeline: Milestone Step (pipeline-milestone-step): 1.3.1
GitHub Branch Source Plugin (github-branch-source): 2.5.6
Pipeline: Build Step (pipeline-build-step): 2.9
Pipeline: Input Step (pipeline-input-step): 2.10
Trilead API Plugin (trilead-api): 1.0.3
Pipeline: API (workflow-api): 2.36
Jackson 2 API Plugin (jackson2-api):
Amazon EC2 Container Service plugin with autoscaling capabilities 
(scalable-amazon-ecs): 1.0
GitHub API Plugin (github-api): 1.95
Custom View Tabs Plugin (custom-view-tabs): 1.3
Script Security Plugin (script-security): 1.62
Mailer Plugin (mailer): 1.24
Pipeline: GitHub Groovy Libraries (pipeline-github-lib): 1.0
Amazon EC2 plugin (ec2): 1.45
SCM API Plugin (scm-api): 2.6.3
Pipeline: Declarative (pipeline-model-definition): 1.3.9
JUnit Plugin (junit): 1.28
Email Extension Plugin (email-ext): 2.66
packer (packer): 1.5
CloudBees AWS Credentials Plugin (aws-credentials): 1.27
Pipeline Graph Analysis Plugin (pipeline-graph-analysis): 1.10
Pipeline: Basic Steps (workflow-basic-steps): 2.18
Credentials Binding Plugin (credentials-binding): 1.20
Resource Disposer Plugin (resource-disposer): 0.13
Slack Notification Plugin (slack): 2.32
Command Agent Launcher Plugin (command-launcher): 1.3
Credentials Plugin (credentials): 2.2.1
Amazon Elastic Container Service plugin (amazon-ecs): 1.22
Pipeline: Groovy (workflow-cps): 2.73

Any advice is much appreciated

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