On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 06:30:36PM -0800, Peter wrote:

> Issue3: Never succeeded in installing a jenkins Agent as a Windows service. 

The way I did it:

 - start agent in JNLP mode once, wait for it to download and initialize
 - shut down agent
 - open a cmd.exe with Administrator privileges
 - go to agent directory, run "jenkins-slave.exe install"
 - adjust service configuration in Microsoft Management Console

> Issue5: Remoting disconnects early when it is started as Client/Agent on 
> Windows(7/10) when IPv6 privacy extensions have been enabled. How can i 
> configure Remoting to use the 'prefered' IPv6 address as source address 
> when it connects to the jenkins server, instead of the actual/temporary 
> privacy IPv6 privacy address?

Outgoing connections should automatically select the currently preferred
address, but PE generates a new preferred address every twenty minutes and
then lets the old one expire after a while. It might help to increase the
expiry time, but long-running connections and Privacy Extensions generally
don't mix well.


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