Hi there,

just for .*, this is my 1st post here in this group. And yes, i know i 
should open some tickets @cloudbees, but i want to check first if anyone 
here got's stuck on the same issues. For the records: jenkins server 2.204 
runs on latest CentOS7.

Issue1: Anyone noticed that when logged in as admin user, you'll get the 
info that a new version of jenkins is out, but the link to the changelog 
gives you infos about the previous version ? Takes 2-3 days until the 
correct link comes up... updates to the changelog did happen earlier some 
weeks ago.

Issue2: Using the "Check job prerequisites" plugin. When selecting "windows 
batch command" in any job, it is saved ok, reading the job's xml file. When 
loading job configuration again, it is displayed as "shell script" and 
saved as such (not as "windows batch command"). Looks like a bug.

Issue3: Never succeeded in installing a jenkins Agent as a Windows service. 
The qa environment here needs a CIFS mount to be accessible. Using windows 
agents through SSH works in general, but... no access to a CIFS share, too. 
Any ideas? Somewhat related to 

Issue4: Any hints to detect which agent is meant when the message "SSH Host 
Key Verifiers are not configured for all SSH agents on this Jenkins 
instance. This could leave these agents open to man-in-the-middle attacks. 
your agent configuration <https://xgtj.dionglobal.de/jenkins/computer/> to 
resolve this." is shown? We have 50+ agents running, but neither logs, nor 
logging in to any of our machines gives me any hint who the culprit is? 
Would it be possible to make this message say WHICH agent is the culprit? 
Even server logs do not tell which agent it is.

Issue5: Remoting disconnects early when it is started as Client/Agent on 
Windows(7/10) when IPv6 privacy extensions have been enabled. How can i 
configure Remoting to use the 'prefered' IPv6 address as source address 
when it connects to the jenkins server, instead of the actual/temporary 
privacy IPv6 privacy address? Somewhat related to 
https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-33287, which is reproducible.

 Cheers, Peter

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