Hi all Jess users!
I'm not sure if this mailing list is the right one for my question, if there
is a more adequate list just give me a hint.
I have a more common question regarding Jess, rule-based expert systems and
deductive databases. What are the essential differences (besides the smooth
Java integration) between Jess (or an rule-based expert system) and
deductive databases (e.g. Ontobroker)?
Is it possible to store a huge amount of facts (related to databases, e.g.
100 tables with 1000000 table entries each) in the working memory? Is there
a kind of database backend integrated which automatically updates the
working memory? Are there some performance tests available?
Is Jess appropriate for handling "time sensitive" facts and rules related to
them, e.g. "If time is 06:00 then ring alarm". What I'm asking is, is it
possible (or reasonable) using Jess to implement time dependent triggers?
This would require periodically updates (e.g. every milli second) of the
working memory, right?!?

I strongly appreciate your help!

Best regards,
Thomas Beer

Thomas Beer
ECCA - eTourism Competence Center Austria
Technikerstrasse 21a
6020 Innsbruck


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