hi fellows,
i m doing my master-thesis for a civil engineering project and i m using
protege with jess-tab.
i want to make a rule-based system that has "artificial intelligence" and
can "prognose" the next step of the project.
of course i dont have any idea about programming and i m having
difficulties solving the lightest problems.

for example:

i have some pre-defined facts in protege. these facts have a slot named
"classification" and its an integer-slot with allowed values "1, 2, 3 and
but this is not important. whats important is that i want to exclude all
the instances that have a different classification-slot than the above two
and the bellow two facts.
so i thought i need a loop that only compares the one instance with the
other four instances.
the thing is i dont know how to access the facts and how to do the loop. i
can show (printout t) the facts but i cannot exclude some of them due to a
any help will be appreciated.

thx a lot, nikos

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