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Thanks for the pointer Alan. I'll have a look. Is there any additional documentation on this besides the javadoc? At first glance it is unclear to me what discovers the providers? Is the the URL class itself based on the thread context class loader? How do providers interact with the statically set factory. I also don't see a provider SPI type for java.net.ContentHandlerFactory.
The javadoc for the 4-arg URL constructor has all the details on how it interacts with the system-wide stream handler factory, also how the system class loader is used to locate protocol handlers that are intended to used system-wide (this includes the ability to override non-core protocol handlers). I've no doubt that this won't be exactly what you want but I hope you can see how URLStreamHandlerProvider is used as the service type.

There are also updates to allow ContentHandlerFactory implementations be deployed as modules. The details on that are in the javadoc for URLConnection::getContent. This one did not need introducing a new service type.


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