Hello all
since my job is to write java tutorials I have to confess I am lost on some 
topics about the module system.
Here is a first concern:
- I used to teach to deploy resources in an additional jar at deploy time
- so if a code requesting a resource was in package/directory com.mycomp.biz 
then the resource was in a com.mycomp.biz.config directory ... in a different 
jar which could be written by the "deployment programmer".

with the module system I do not know how to have something similar.
Well may be the resource could be in a non-modular jar in the class-path (or 
added by patch-module)
but realy I don't know what could be the best option (put it in a modular jar? 
but then how to write the module-info, how to update the module-info of other 
modules - something done by the deployment programmer- ? how to start the jar: 
from the command line? but then can we still have a "clickable" jar?

the doc at http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jigsaw/quick-start is good but 
lacks this kind of detail.

Thanks for any hint

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