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> Resources aren't a first class concept in the module system so we of course 
> recommend using services itself.

so you mean reconsider the resource handling as a spi (as it is done with 
 explaining things to students will get pretty complicated since it should be 
split between resources located in the module and resources from external 
BTW: another option may be that the "deployment programmer" updates the modular 
jar ( some signature problems?) or invoke with "patch-module" but is this 
politically correct ?

ok but why is the "old" way deprecated ? ( "first class" concept?)

> If you are migrating existing code without doing any significant 
> rearchitecture then modules can open packages to allow resources be located 
> by code in other modules with the legacy ClassLoader.getResourceXXX APIs. 
> There is also support in the ResourceBundle API to use resource bundles in 
> other modules.
ClassLoader.getResource still works with resources located in other modules? 
the API doc says ...
 "this method will only find resources in packages of named modules when the 
package is opened 
 unconditionally"  for instance if I have a package with no code but resources 
only then IntelliJ does not want me to describe it in the module-info ... is 
this a spec or an IDE quirk?

> . In particular, "Java 9 Modularity", by Sander Mak and Paul Bakker, is an 
> excellent resource that will stand the test of time. That book has a section 
> entitled "Resource Encapsulation" that should help you get going.
ok bought the book right now (but it will be shipped only in a fortnight ;-( )
> I assume by "clickable jar" you mean executable JARs, as in `java -jar 
> app.jar`. There is no support at this time for starting modular applications 
> with the `java -jar`.

1) you should explicitly document that  so  poor guys like me will not spend 
hours trying to understand what is happening (java's man does not states that!)

2) then what is the simplest way to deploy jars if clicking on a jar does not 
work anymore with modules?
(scripts are platform dependent, so are Jlink images ,...and what happens with 
jars delivered through java webstart?  should we consider that  java webstart 
is going to be  deprecated?)


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