On 28/03/2008, Daniel Holt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Secondly, how would users without a middle mouse button start a new
> > selection? This patch would require a middle mouse button because
> > selections are a very important feature in Jokosher. I know a lot of
> > people who do not have a middle mouse button on their laptops, but
> > maybe there is still a way because Linux on Mac users manage to get
> > away without having a right mouse button.
> I think most people with two buttons map some combination to middle mouse
> button, e.g. LMB+RMB. I actually didn't think they even made any mice with
> fewer than three buttons in the last decade (other than for Macs, of
> course). With laptops, don't they generally have either a middle mouse
> button or a part of the other buttons (e.g. the very insides) that acts as a
> middle button?

I think we need some more opinions on this from the community. Feel
free to speak up people!

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