Came across the same issue today, and as jOOQ features no. 5670 
<> and 5673 
<> seems to keep getting pushed 
back, I implemented a intermediate custom solution (see github 
The CustomDatatypeProcessor takes a java.nio.file.Path, reads it and 
converts record data based on the TableRecord -> Fields -> Converter. 
Reusing will need some changes, mainly in the coerce() method, but maybe 
this will help someone who stumbles upon this thread.


On Friday, November 11, 2016 at 1:01:01 PM UTC+1, Rick Latrine wrote:
> Hi,
> when I have following field definition in a table:
> public final org.jooq.TableField<my.jooq.json.serialize.test.tables.
> records.TestRecord, org.joda.time.DateTime> TIME_UTC
>     = createField("TIME_UTC",
>                   org.jooq.impl.SQLDataType.BIGINT.nullable(false),
>                   this,
>                   null,
>                   new my.jooq.json.serialize.test.converter.
> DateTimeConverter());
> With following Converter:
> public class DateTimeConverter implements Converter<Long, DateTime>
> formatJson returns the field definition:
> ...
> "fields":[{"name":"TIME_UTC","type":"BIGINT"},
> ...
> So far so good, as I assumed that jOOQ would use the underlying database 
> type in order to serialize and deserialize the JSON string easily.
> But the data part looks like this:
> "2016-06-07T09:00:00.000+02:00"
> formatJSON converts the custom data type from the fetched record by using 
> toString().
> (see: in github 
> <>
> )
> I expected the json serializer would use the converter to get the database 
> type back as a Long value.
> Afterwards the deserializer is not able to turn the String value to BIGINT 
> and renders it to a null value.
> My question: is this working as expected, is it a bug or is formatJSON not 
> intended to be used with custom types?
> Thanks in advance
> Rick

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