And another data point: the implementation in Vespucci does not sort by
id (not only in theory, the output is really not ordered, which doesn't
cause issues with JOSM).

Or put differently: if that becomes a requirement, it would be a good
idea to versionize the format (which naturally wouldn't actually solve
your issue).


Am 08.08.2017 um 10:24 schrieb Jochen Topf:
> Hi!
> When JOSM saves OSM files it uses a particular order: First nodes, then
> ways, then relations as usual. For each object type it first writes out
> objects with negative IDs (ie objects that are not uploaded yet), then
> objects with positive IDs, both are ordered by absolute value.
> Is this something I can rely on or is this just something that happened
> accidentally with my version of JOSM when I tried this?
> The reason I am asking: I sometimes get requests for Osmium features
> from people who want to do something with files saved from JOSM, like
> renumber them to have only small positive IDs, or convert them into
> other formats. Osmium can read JOSM files and handle negative IDs, so
> these things mostly work, but in some cases having a known order helps
> (or is even necessary for correct functioning). I am currently working
> on some things there but if JOSM would not keep to this order in the
> future they would break again.
> Jochen

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