On 08.03.2018 00:06, Vincent Privat wrote:
> I'm not sure what it implies for the long-term development of JOSM, but
> nothing good I fear.

I wouldn't be too concerned. With all due respect for your coding work,
I don't think that the actual program code is the essential thing about
JOSM. It's the functionality and user interface, the decade-long (!)
evolution that has given us the powerful tool we have today.

You could sit down today and re-implement everything in, say, C++, and
it would be relatively straightforward, and while the result would not
share any of JOSM's codebase, it would still encapsulate all the
experience and brainpower that has flown into JOSM development over the

I think what is essential about JOSM will live on even if Java should die.


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