I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do, maybe if you gave us an explanation of your overall goal we could help you better. There might be other ways to do what you're trying that might not even involve javascript and work everywhere.

FWiW, this behaviour is in FF 3.6 too


jordanrynard wrote:

Wow, you're absolutely right -- I didn't even bother to try any other
browsers as it's just the sort of thing I wouldn't think would be the result
of a 'browser issue'.

I tested this code in recent versions of IE, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, and
it works perfectly.
In Firefox 3.5.7 this appears to be a bug... How disappointing - I love my
Firefox, and it's never let me down before : (

Thanks for pointing that out Jonathan - at least I know I can use the code
for now and know it'll work 'most' of the time... and I can stop racking my
brain as to why it wasn't working!
Now if only I can find a workaround to use in Firefox for now that's
preferably not as annoying as having to store fonts in a cookie!!!

If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear it...

Jonathan Vanherpe (T& T NV) wrote:

I didn't see you posted azn example page. When testing it, I found that
both Opera and Chromium returned the correct thing but they format it
differently. Opera alerts "Comic Sans MS [microsoft]". I actually like
how Opera alerts the font you're actually using instead of the whole
font stack, this is way more useful information in most cases.

I didn't test in IE, but I guess this is a bug in Firefox.


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