I have two documents: The parent, and the iframe.

When activated, the parent document dynamically appends an instance of
tinymce to itself. It retrieves the content for the editor (tinymce) from a
selected element in the iframe.

The style of text displayed in tinymce is identical to the style of text
displayed in the iframe by extracting the css style properties from the
element when loading the editor. 

So because of this bug in Firefox, the text in the editor isn't being styled
according to the font being used in the iframe. (works in all other browsers
of course, but not the current version of Firefox)

Hopefully that helps explain the situation in which I'm using the
aforementioned method.

I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do, maybe if you gave us an 
explanation of your overall goal we could help you better. There might 
be other ways to do what you're trying that might not even involve 
javascript and work everywhere.

FWiW, this behaviour is in FF 3.6 too


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