I have just downloaded the latest trunk nightly build for Firefox
(Minefield), and this bug has been fixed in this version. 
So now I just have to wait for it to be released!!

jordanrynard wrote:
> Wow, you're absolutely right -- I didn't even bother to try any other
> browsers as it's just the sort of thing I wouldn't think would be the
> result of a 'browser issue'.
> I tested this code in recent versions of IE, Chrome, Opera, and Safari,
> and it works perfectly.
> In Firefox 3.5.7 this appears to be a bug... How disappointing - I love my
> Firefox, and it's never let me down before : ( 
> Thanks for pointing that out Jonathan - at least I know I can use the code
> for now and know it'll work 'most' of the time... and I can stop racking
> my brain as to why it wasn't working!
> Now if only I can find a workaround to use in Firefox for now that's
> preferably not as annoying as having to store fonts in a cookie!!!
> If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear it...
> Thanks!!
> Jonathan Vanherpe (T & T NV) wrote:
>> I didn't see you posted azn example page. When testing it, I found that 
>> both Opera and Chromium returned the correct thing but they format it 
>> differently. Opera alerts "Comic Sans MS [microsoft]". I actually like 
>> how Opera alerts the font you're actually using instead of the whole 
>> font stack, this is way more useful information in most cases.
>> I didn't test in IE, but I guess this is a bug in Firefox.
>> Jonathan

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