Hi Josh,
I chose Mac because I was pretty fed up with my Thinkpad and the need to
reinstall windows on it on a 6 month to yearly basis (the time is right
about now that a good reinstall would do it some good).  Over time, it
has degraded to the point where it takes 5 minutes for me to have
workable network connection from a fresh reboot.

I liked the idea of mac over say linux because of the strong MS-Office
support and linux never ran properly on my thinkpad (properly == with
full wireless support).  Also, the claim that Java was a first class
citizen was very enticing.  

Also, I was dabbling with integrating some UNIX tools into a platform
that we are building.  GCC being the native compiler was attractive.

Despite the Java (and Flash / Flex) performance issues on Mac, it is a
very, very nice machine.  There are things I LOVE about it, things I
tolerate about it, and things I hate.  I would say the same thing about
Windows and Linux also, I suppose.

Not great reasons, but who doesn't want to see if the grass really is


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 Hi Landon,

   I have some experience using Java and Eclipse on the Mac.  I had
similar experiences, Java is certainly slower on the Mac than on
Windows.  Apple is to some degree responsible for the development of the
Mac JDK and they  promote Java objects to 'first class citizens'.  They
are typically a few paces behind the windows version.  The media
libraries do work fairly well though I might add.  If you are working
with Imaging in Java I can certainly provide a lot of info.

  I am curious as to why you chose the Mac as your platform...  The last
few run-ins I had with the Mac were 1) a company that was receiving
funding directly from Apple, 2) a small company whos owner was so
absolutely fed up with Windows he was willing to try anything to get
out, 3) my IPod.  Macs are great but the user share is very small.  They
are virtually unused outside of America.  Eastern European developers I
work with have never even seen one...


--- Landon Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Sorry if this is off-topic, but I noticed that there appears to be 
> some Mac users on this list.  I recently purchased a 15"
> powerbook 1.67Ghz
> machine and for Java development... well, to be honest... it is 
> sub-optimal.  It appears that the JDK is just plain slow!  On a 
> project that I am working on, running the "core" unit tests on a 2 yr 
> old thinkpad takes less than 1 min, on the brand new mac it takes over

> 2 minutes.  Eclipse is equally slow compared to windows for me.  The 
> incremental rebuild of eclipse takes so long on my mac that I have 
> gone back to using my Thinkpad for development.  Here is what I have 
> tried to improve performance:
> 1.    Disable Spotlight on my dev folders.
> 2.    Add memory (I have 1.5 GB on the mac, 1 GB on the
> thinkpad).
> 3.    Tried the latest 1.5 version of the Apple JDK.
> So here are my questions:
> Are other people finding Eclipse / JDK slow on the Mac?  Did tiger 
> slow down the performance of Java (Tiger is a nice OS, but I think 
> that I would have really liked Jaguar more. I find myself constantly 
> on the verge of permanently disabling Spotlight and Dashboard Widgets 
> haven't jumped out at me as necessary for the way I work.)?
> I am thinking that I might have to go back to my old
> laptop :(
> Thanks,
> Landon

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