On 9/21/06, Tim Colson (tcolson) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I agree that focus on XML as the message is key.
I'm not even sure that XML is the key. I've been experimenting with some
JSON data transmission, and it seems to work just fine with the bonus of
no angle brackets.


Parsing or outputing in Java is easy and in Javascript it's truly
trivial (since it's a native data struct).

Yes, I can vouch that this works in real live.  In the apps my company
is producing (yes they are in production, and being used at a very
large company that starts with G), we use AJAJ heavily (AJAJ is AJAX
with JSON instead of XML).  The backend is in ruby, and the client
(about 70-80% of the total code) is in Javascript.  JSON is the
logical choice here, since it's just a simple call in the JSON ruby
library to convert your objects to and from JSON, plus it's a native
data struct in Javascript as Tim pointed out.

Why have all those angle brackets and forward slashes transferred over
the wire that nobody will ever see or care about.  The whole
javascript language is just a bunch of hashes, and JSON is a logical
choice for a data representation.

-- Chad

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