On Thu, 1 Dec 2016 at 04:02 Nate Finch <nate.fi...@canonical.com> wrote:

On IRC, someone was lamenting the fact that the Ubuntu charm takes longer
to deploy now, because it has been updated to exercise more of Juju's
features.  My response was - just make a minimal charm, it's easy.  And
then of course, I had to figure out how minimal you can get.  Here it is:

It's just a directory with a metadata.yaml in it with these contents:

name: min
summary: nope
description: nope
  - xenial

(obviously you can set the series to whatever you want)
No other files or directories are needed.

This is neat, but doesn't detract from the bloat in the ubuntu charm.

IMHO the bloat in the ubuntu charm isn't from support for Juju features,
but the switch to reactive plus conflicts in layer-base wanting to a)
support lots of toolchains to allow layers above it to be slimmer and b) be
a suitable base for "just deploy me" ubuntu.
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