On 2 December 2016 at 06:27, Stuart Bishop <stuart.bis...@canonical.com>

>  We might be able to lower deployment times from minutes to seconds, since
> often this step is the main time sink.

Right. These are the time scales I meant too as well. If you want to have
quality software you need to be able to test it. If you want to test it,
you need to iterate fast. To iterate fast you want your thing to execute in
seconds, not minutes.

So when I mentioned that this will be compared to kubernetes/docker, I
mainly meant this aspect (all the rest of the goodness of juju wrt
k8s/docker notwithstanding). It's not really about production deployments,
it's about testing. And about demo'ing and playing around as well, which
are very important parts of the UX too.
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