Hi, I've downloaded OpenJamp 1.12 and I'm following this two guides to
make an extension. 



I'm creating the extension inside OpenJump, I've downloaded the code
from the SVN repository and imported to Eclipse. Following the guides
I've the XXXPLUGIN.JAVA with _execute, initialize, getName_ and
_createEnableCheck_ methods. Also I have a XXXEXTENSION.JAVA with
_configure _who calls _xxxPlugin().initialize(context);_ 

But when I run the application, I can't see my entry on OpenJump. I'm
trying to make a new menu entry after the "About" option but I don't
know how make it work. 

There is some place where I must register the extension si it can be
placed as a menu option? Or where I can find a more explained guide to
make plugins/extensions? 

Thanks and regards.
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