On 06.03.2018 16:53, Iago Alonso Alonso wrote:
> Hi, I've downloaded OpenJamp 1.12 and I'm following this two guides to make 
> an extension.
> http://ojwiki.soldin.de/index.php?title=How_to_make_your_plugin_in_ECLIPSE
> http://ojwiki.soldin.de/index.php?title=How_to_create_a_jar_plugin_in_ECLIPSE
> I'm creating the extension inside OpenJump, I've downloaded the code from the 
> SVN repository and imported to Eclipse. Following the guides I've the 
> *xxxPlugin.java* with /execute, initialize, getName/ and /createEnableCheck/ 
> methods. Also I have a *xxxExtension.java* with /configure /who calls 
> /xxxPlugin().initialize(context);/
> But when I run the application, I can't see my entry on OpenJump. I'm trying 
> to make a new menu entry after the "About" option but I don't know how make 
> it work.
> There is some place where I must register the extension si it can be placed 
> as a menu option? Or where I can find a more explained guide to make 
> plugins/extensions?

hey Iago,

did you

5 - As you see I have chosen directly the folder \openjump\lib\ext which is the 
final place if you want use the plugin. So if you create the jar file somewhere 
else then copy it into the \openjump\lib\ext folder.
6 - Afterwards start OpenJUMP. If you copy the jar file into the \ext folder 
and Jump is already running, then the new plugin will not be recognized - this 
happens only on program (OpenJUMP) start.


but for development i'd rather suggest you use this guide
note that you can also add an extension like


which makes it easier to develop extensions in an own project as well.

also it is suggested to develop against trunk in case you are wanting to 

good luck.. ede

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